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Ristorante Paradiso Italiano

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Since 2002, Paradiso Italiano is owned and operated by Mr. Americo Zuccato, a native of the Veneto region of Italy.
Mr. Zuccato is not your average restaurant owner in Timisoara : he is not only fully-qualified as a hospitality industry manager, but he has worked all around the world from Venice to South Africa, from The Ritz in Abano to The Royal Golf Club in Capetown (click on the Press Reviews button).
In Timisoara, his patrons include the executives of major Italian corporations with local operations, such as Geox, Benetton and Zoppas.
                                 (the Hospitality Industry Timisoara  team)

The Veneto flag
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Paradiso Italiano is a valued member of the Hospitality Industry Timisoara Association
Ristorante Paradiso Italiano
Strada Liege 1A
Timisoara   1900   Romania
Tel: +40-256-227619