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Ristorante Paradiso Italiano


Paradiso Italiano's cuisine is essentially Venetian. The Veneto region offers a variety of menus, from appetizers such as the well-cured berico-eiganean prosciutto to tortelli with sweet pumpkin, or risottos with white asparagus, for which the region is famous.
White flour polenta is widely used in Veneto as in Romania, as well as Austrian-type sweets like the Dobos and Sacher Torte. Every meal in the Veneto region is capped with a liquor such as Grappa, with fruit or herbal aroma.
Beside pork and beef dishes, the inhabitants of the Veneto region enjoy seafood, and this is reflected in Mr. Zuccato's cuisine (one of his specialties is the scampi alla brace).

"La cucina e essenzialmente veneta" - dice Americo Zuccato -. Serviamo anche scampi alla brace fatti arrivare da Chioggia, fegato alla veneziana e anche pastissada di cavallo". I prezzi oscillano tra i 10 e i 15 euro.
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Ristorante Paradiso Italiano
Strada Liege 1A
Timisoara   1900   Romania
Tel: +40-256-227619